Burgoyne Surrounded–New Quilts from an Old Favorite Contest

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The big news of the day: Elemental Changes: Color Play placed 4th in the 2009 New Quilts from an Old Favorite contest sponsored by the Museum of the American Quilters Society. This is the super-secret project from last year that I wasn’t talking about much because of this other super-duper-secret project that’s going on now (that I just might be able to talk about in a day or two if you want to stick around for that; well, I don’t mean “stick around” as in never leave the site for two days, but you get what I’m saying, right?).

So what’s the big secret? You see those colored squares? All 500 gazillion of them? Okay, there aren’t 500 gazillion of them, and at this point unless I do the math, I can’t remember how many there actually are, but there are more than 500! Anyway, they’re not just patchwork squares, they’re something more than patchwork. They’re Inchies! 1″ x 1″ squares of fabric art, embellished with beads, fibers, crystals and found objects, each one a unique and multidimensional work of art. Here’s a closer look (as always, hover and click for the supersize view, and then you can click the zoom icon in the bottom right for an even closer look!).

Why Elemental Changes: Color Play for the title? When the colorful part of the plan for this quilt fell into place, I originally thought I would have a quilt that was sort of representational of the four seasons and/or four elements, with winter/spring/summer/fall and/or air/water/fire/earth colors. I’m not quite sure it turned out that way, but Elemental Changes also refers to changing the elements of the original block around to make something new. And Color Play? That’s the really fun part: the Inchies are attached with Velcro®! So the Inchies can be moved, rearranged, swapped or even completely removed. The Velcro pieces on the patchwork squares behind the Inchies are black and white, so the quilt actually stands on it’s own without the Inchies for a monochromatic look. This is the ultimate color play quilt!

Quilt stats for the curious: 60″ x 60″, machine pieced and machine quilted with #100 silk thread from YLI, King Tut variegated cotton thread from Superior Threads, and 50wt cotton thread from Aurifil, low loft 100% polyester batting.

The whole story of the inspiration, design and construction of the quilt is published in the book Burgoyne Surrounded: New Quilts from an Old Favorite, along with the stories of the other 17 quilts that were finalists in the contest. The finalist quilts are on display now through May 19, 2009 at the National Quilt Museum, Museum of the American Quilter’s Society, in Paducah, Kentucky, and will travel as an exhibit to other museums and venues (like the AQS quilt shows!) through December 2010.

In the next few days, I’ll be re-posting some pictures that I had to hide away for a little while, so I’ll let you know when that’s done. You’ll be able to see more of the Inchies on this quilt up close!

Nadine Quilting smiley from myemoticons.com

11 thoughts on “Burgoyne Surrounded–New Quilts from an Old Favorite Contest

  1. Nadine, Just wonderful. Very original and creative and one of the what I thought were the top 2 in the book. What fun!
    from one of the other finalists,

    • Hi Ann! Thanks for your lovely comments about my quilt!

      I’ve been looking around on the ‘Net to see if I could find your quilt for some time(with no success!). I’ve been kind of disappointed that MAQS didn’t put them up on the site this year, and I don’t have my copy of the book yet, though Sylvia at AQS told me yesterday that it was on the way. I can’t wait to see all the quilts!

  2. I have been waiting for MAQS to put the quilts up on the site, too. I assumed they were just slow. Do you know that they won’t put them up at all? I really enjoyed that last year. Sorry, I haven’t put my quilt on the web at all yet. Hope you get your book soon. It was fun to read your chapter.

    • Wow, I’m kind of surprised that they won’t put them up at all. I wonder why? I thought the email said that they were waiting for a new website or something, but I know that building a website doesn’t take THAT long, especially since I build them myself. 🙂

      Still waiting on the book!

  3. Nadine,
    Ah, typical e-mail confusion reigns! I thought you were saying that MAQS wasn’t putting the pictures up and I was asking if you knew that for sure. How rumors get started, Sorry didn’t mean to cause confusion. I know nothing except that the pictures are not up yet. Have a good day and I hope you get your book soon!

    • Ha! Yes, you’re right, typical email confusion! 🙂 Well, anyway, I did get an email that said they were waiting for a new website design that would be much easier to update, and that’s the last I heard. Which leaves us waiting to see if they ever will get up on the site, and me waiting for my copy of the book! 😀

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  5. Oh Nadine, it’s absolutely gorgeous. What a brilliant idea to Velcro them on – how on earth did you stop yourself from constantly playing with them and getting to your final layout. Congratulations on your win – it is very well deserved.

    • Thank you for your lovely comments Irene! It was pretty fun to put all the Inchies on the quilt, and playing with color is one of the things I could do for hours!

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