Parting Ways–Pfaff 2054/2056/2058 For Sale

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It’s time to part ways with one of my sewing machines, and I’ve decided that the Pfaff Performance 2054/2056/2058 has to go. I’m not selling it because there’s something wrong with it (there isn’t) or because it’s not a good machine (it is) or because I don’t like it (I do), it’s just that I can do everything with the Bernina that I can with this Pfaff, and I just like the Bernina better.

Pfaff 2058 for sale

It’s a great machine for piecing and quilting, and general sewing as well. It’s programmable and has all the bells and whistles like a low bobbin warning, stitch memory, decorative stitches, lettering stitches, programmable memory, a knee lift, needle up and down settings, touch screen, and a half-speed setting among other goodies. It sews smooth and fast.

Pfaff 2058 for sale

Pfaff 2058 for sale

I say Pfaff Performance 2054/2056/2058 because it’s a 2054 model that’s been upgraded to a 2056 and then a 2058, so it has all the stitches and functionality of a 2058, but it still says 2054 on the front of the machine. When it was upgraded to the 2058 programming, the new stitch guide was inserted on the inside of the top flip cover, so it shows all the stitches including the ones that are new with the 2058 programming. It’s been recently serviced and not used much since then.

Pfaff 2058 for sale

It comes complete with all the original parts including the manual in the original box. The machine is dual voltage for worldwide usage at the flick of a switch on the bottom of the machine and comes with a knee lift and the Integrated Dual Transport (IDT or dual feed). I’m also including a custom fitted plexiglass extension table for machine quilting, a ¼” foot for piecing, an open-toe free motion quilting foot, and a single hole needle plate. EDIT: I also have two power cords, one for usage in the United States on 110v power, and one for usage in Europe on 220v.

Pfaff 2058 for sale

The whole kit and kaboodle goes for $1,400.00, plus shipping. I can ship it anywhere in the US via the US Postal Service. Interested, or know someone who is? Contact me! It’s cleaned, packed and ready to go!

EDIT: SOLD 8 December, 2009! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Parting Ways–Pfaff 2054/2056/2058 For Sale

  1. Nadine,

    I purchased a 2054 off ebay and it has run fine but i wonder if i am getting full power, i had a non computerized machine that would sew quite fast at full throttle, i have yet to get the 2054 to full speed easily. did you have to push hard on the foot pedal to get to speed or did it quickly acceleerate?? i tried quilting (freemotion) with it and am finding myself a bit frustrated as i dont know that i am getting the speed that i need for my movement out of it as i do my other pfaff. I am unsure if what i am experiencing is a foot pedal issue, or just a lower stitch per minute speed on the machine- i have not found a spm listed anywhere on the machine.

    anyway, any information you can give me on your experience with your 2054 would be appreciated so i will know if i need to take it for service or if this is all i get for speed. thanks so much.

    • Hi Mary. I never noticed any problems like you mention. I’m a fast sewer, especially on long straight stretches like strip piecing and when I’m doing tiny stippling, and I can’t say I ever had any issues.

      I’d recommend that you contact Pfaff and ask what the top stitch speed is for this machine, and what the top speed was for your previous machine and see if that clears it up for you. If you still think you’re not getting the max speed, take it to a dealer and have them put a different foot pedal on it and see what happens.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Hello Nadine,

    My wife has a 2056 and is interested in upgrading to the “Stitch Center” and small number of “new” stitches available with the 2058. Your past 2054/56/58 experience suggests that at least you have found a source for the upgrade and the stitch guide sheet for interior cover. Would you be willing to share where you had the upgrade performed? We are in Boise, ID and have tried local support and that in Salt Lake City with no luck. Thank you in advance for any coaching you can provide. 12/2/2010 Don in Boise, Idaho

    • Hi Don,

      I’m so sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

      I actually had my machine upgraded in Karlsruhe, Germany, which I know is no help at all to you. The only thing I can suggest about your machine is to contact Pfaff directly, which you can do through their website:

      Good luck!

  3. I have two Pfaff 2056 machines that I would love to sell. They too are in excellent shape and have been wonderful machines. I am simply downsizing. Some back problems and “old age” related arthritis. I also have a baby lock cresendo and a 1940’s Singer Centennial. I put them on Craigs list but so far have only gotten “SCAM” artists to reply. What do you recommend?

    • Hi Sharyn,

      There may be a quilting guild in your area that you could contact, and perhaps they would put the word out to their members about your machines. My only other suggestion would be eBay. Good luck!

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