Thankfulness and the SOHO Spice Board Review

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Wednesdays are music lesson days here at Chez Nadine, which means a trip to the Army post and usually a couple of other stops there while LittleOne is in her piano lesson. Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I thought I’d see what I could do in the way of cooking and preparations before we leave in the early afternoon. I’m very thankful that we were finally able to procure a can of the elusive Libby’s Pumpkin for ITMan’s favorite pie, though he had to travel all the way to the Mannheim Commissary to get it!

SOHO spice containers

So I pulled out all the ingredients and got to work. And other than the fact that my pie making came to a screeching halt when the ground cloves container turned up empty and I’m thankful that I discovered this before my trip to the Commissary later, there’s a little something I’ve been meaning to share with you all for about a year about what not to do in your kitchen, and I figured now was a good time since I was using cinnamon, ginger and cloves in the pie, and I had these lovely spice jars out anyway. You see, for a long time I’d been wanting a set of really nice spice jars for the kitchen, and after looking all over the Internet, I finally settled on a SOHO Magnetic Spice Rack with Stainless Steel Tins. I was just sure that this was the most perfect spice rack/board ever. I mean, just look at it:

SOHO spice containers

I was able to hang it inside the cabinet just to the left of the stove so all the spices were handy. The containers are magnetic on the bottom so that they hang on the stainless steel board inside the cabinet door. I even bought special custom labels for the jars for the herbs and spices I use most often:

SOHO spice containers

They’re cool looking, neat, tidy, and out of the way but easily accessible; perfect, right? WRONG. Let me tell you the real story about the worst $220 I ever spent. Biggest mistake: I didn’t buy just one, or just a few, of the spice containers to try them out. I bought the whole 25 piece kit and kaboodle set. If I had tried just a few first, I might have realized that these containers are truly awful for herbs and spices, and to be honest, I can’t imagine what they would be good for outside of the garage or woodshop where you might use them to organize screws or nails or something.

The tops have two openings, one with small holes and the other with a large hole, and you twist the top to line up one of the openings with the opening in the bottom to dispense the herbs or spices. When you put ground spices in these jars, the spices work their way through the seals and make a huge mess every time you use the jar. Even the large hole isn’t big enough to dispense herbs like dried basil properly, so you end up having to take the lid off anyway. It’s not easy to twist the lid to open it, nor is it all that easy to remove, and the mess involved in it all is just ridiculous as the herbs or spices end up all over your hands and the countertop when you open the container. Maybe I’m just an OCD neat freak about this kind of thing, but these spice containers are totally useless!

So as I contemplate all the things I’m grateful for this year, I must note that I’m very thankful that I kept all of the original herb and spice containers in a shopping bag under my counter, and I’ll be able to dump all of these expensive little commodities back into their jars and get rid of this sorry excuse for a spice rack. I’m not even sure it will be good for beads or anything in my studio, since I think that small seed beads or sequins could conceivably get stuck between the lid and the container. Perhaps I can give it to ITMan for his garage, though the labels would be all wrong of course! 😉

So what do you use for a spice rack? Any creative ideas for me on how to use this spice rack for something else?

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11 thoughts on “Thankfulness and the SOHO Spice Board Review

    • Hi Paula! If I could get all my spices in the same type of can or bottle, that might be okay, but some come in nice glass bottles, some are in cheesy plastic bottles, some are sold in the metal cans, and spices that I can’t get at the commissary are in plastic bags! The artist in me wants them all in the same type of nice looking container… 🙂

  1. I keep them in original container then put them in a shallow rubbermaid type container. That way they stay together and I can easily pull the larger container out to find what I need. Not perfect but works fairly good! 🙂

    • Yes, I do hope that I can figure out what to do with these nice metal containers now that I have them. Of course, I’m not sure I’ll be able to get the labels off, so they’ll probably always say things like “Basil” and “Thyme” on them.

      I will have much more counter space in my new kitchen, so maybe a counter top solution might work.

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  3. I live in the UK – and would like to say thank you – I was about to spend over £100 on buying these – but you have now made me stop and think. All other reviews I found were saying how good they were.

  4. Thank you so much for this review–so sorry it didn’t work out. I was looking to purchase one of these for a friend who lives in a small place, loves to cook but buys spices in those little plastic sleeves. Back to the drawing board…

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