Absenteeism and Admissions

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I’m just popping in to say hey, and sorry for my absenteeism. Actually, “absenteeism” isn’t really a very accurate term either. “Totally and inexcusably lazy slacker” when it comes to anything I should be doing would be more to the point to be completely honest. I’ve had a sickness since, oh, along about Christmas Eve or so. I don’t want to eat or sleep, I haven’t read blogs (since long before that actually), haven’t posted anything myself, my email inbox is crowded with over 100 emails (it’s been down under 30-40 for months up until now), I haven’t done anything remotely related to quilting and think only of XP, gold, spells and quests. I have managed to feed my family the requisite Christmas goodies and meals at least, but other than these two huge must-dos, I have been completely out of touch with reality as it has been for the last few years.

I’ve been infected by a computer game of all things! And here’s where the admission comes in: I’ve been a closet gamer for 20+ years, but haven’t found anything that really captured my interest like this since Dungeons & Dragons role playing games for the PC from 20 years ago. But a couple of days before Christmas, I picked up a copy of World of Warcraft on a whim, thinking I’d just check it out since my mom is a long time player and loves it, and my aunt has played even longer along with my cousin and his girlfriend. I figured I’d take a little break now and then and play a bit, just for something completely different from anything else I do right now, and I’ve definitely been feeling that need grow more insistent since I returned from the States in early November.

Riiiight. All that quickly turned into playing for hours every day, and I took ITMan and LittleOne along for the ride so to speak. ITMan said he’d been wanting to try World of Warcraft for a while, and LittleOne couldn’t wait to try too when she saw how it looked on my screen. Two more copies of the game were duly purchased, and now the three of us adventure together in game, and we’re having the time of our lives!

Sadly, GuitarGirl hasn’t really been into games on the PC after the Game Cube and other consoles came along, and she’s being fairly surly about it all, especially since her ex boyfriend played WoW to the exclusion of all else, including her at times. She probably feels like her house has been invaded by something she really hates, but she’ll just have to live with it, and at some point it may become a “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” thing.

Anyway, I. LOVE. This. Game. LOVE IT. A couple of weeks ago, Alex at Aurifil Threads ran a contest where you had to go into Second Life with an alternate “You”, and place a notecard in a box and he drew a winner. I did it, but I really just didn’t “get” Second Life. Yeah, it’s a virtual world and you can talk to other people in there and you can sit down and sew and lots of other things I’m sure, but it’s just not the same as gaming in World of Warcraft.


WoW is like reading a fantasy novel, except you’re actually in it living it and doing things to make it your own story, and there are quests to do that build your strength and reputation and all that. That’s Valinaeya, one of my characters, on the right there, riding the mount she just earned at level 20 in the game. And this game is so highly detailed: it’s night time where she is because we play on servers that are in the US (Dallas I think) so that we can adventure with my family there, and it’s raining, so it’s really dark. Hard to take a great picture in the dark when it’s raining… πŸ˜‰

I’m going to go with the flow for a while and play because that’s what I feel like doing. Even if I’m a slacker. I’ll be back … eventually … πŸ™‚ Toodles!

P.S. Are there any other WoW players out there? If you play, what faction, race and class do you like best? Any experiences to share?

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32 thoughts on “Absenteeism and Admissions

  1. Jiret, level 80 Warlock Alliance
    Kyriin, level 46 Paladin Alliance
    Aithne, level 12 Priest Alliance
    Ummmm that’s all I’m admitting to. See ya in game

    • *snicker*

      Have a little case of alt-itis do you, Connie? My mom and my aunt each have more toons than I can count. I don’t know how they keep them straight, as I’m already confused with a level 23 Night Elf hunter and a level 20 Night Elf rogue when it comes to who has what and has been where and has which quests.

      Confused in a good way though! πŸ™‚

  2. Welcome to MY world, m’dear! You know, that’s what’s REALLY nice about retirement…. I can do exactly what I please most of the time. Of course, there’s still the fact that being that old isn’t very cool – and the regret that computers didn’t happen when I was in my 20s….

    You’ll feel like quilting again – when the time is right, and you’ve recovered from the last two years of nose-to-grindstoning!


  3. Interesting. I have never heard of WoW. I like computer games, preferring them to TV in the evening. I enjoy the ones like Myst and Zork Nemesis, because I like puzzles. I think I’d better avoid WoW because I don’t need a “sickness,” and the guilt that comes with it, but you KNOW I’ll be over at gamespot.com soon just to check it out.

    • Hi Rian! You might like WoW, but it is quite different from Myst as far as I can remember. I couldn’t get into Myst much, perhaps because it was a puzzler. I played it a bit, but I was always getting stuck! WoW is more about picking up quests–and you can tell where to find them easily–and once you pick it up you go out and do what it says. The challenge is figuring out how to do it without dying! πŸ™‚

      And I remember Zork from so many years ago that it wasn’t even graphical; it was keyboard based and you had to type commands into a DOS environment! I got stuck a lot in those too I remember, and so I never played the more recent Zork games.

  4. Glad you have surfaced for a bit .. I was wondering where you were. Enjoy your time away. I’ve been reorganizing the apartment, and by the end of today, I will have a design wall!!!!

  5. My sister is a gamer when the game is as good as WOW which she played for a long time. She has played-out this game currently and is awaiting a new game that equally compels her. I gave her grief about this some years ago and she told me it was as legitimate a hobby as quilting and very creative in its own way and that she was having a blast. It has taken me awhile to see her point, but I do. Go in peace gamers and enjoy. I am beginning to think virtual reality is as real as conventional reality, especially if as the current research suggests, we actually experience time in snapshots that the mind perceives as a moving picture. It is intriguing.

    • Hi Kelly! Well, there are some similarities between gaming and quilting: they’re both very sedentary hobbies…and with either thing you can say to yourself “I’ll just do this one more thing before I go to bed” and that one more leads to the next one and the next one and the next time you look at the clock it’s 4:00 a.m. πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for the blessing! You’re right, it is an interesting direction that we’re going with this virtual world. Much more fun than the real one sometimes, which is the big problem, I suppose…

  6. Nadine, not you too?!?! I don’t play but my husband and two sons all play as Night Elves. They are always saying I shoud create a character but I tell them no, my addiction is quilting!

    My husband is also into Call of Duty and was into Halo and still bugs me about the quilt I promised to make him with scanned images from the game. Hey maybe there is a WOW-Inchie quilt design in your future?

  7. atm my main is a warlock alliance lvl 74 well eventually get to 80
    and I have others, love a mage and I have a high lvl mage horde on another server but lately I have been playing AION, love it too!!!!!

    • Hi Desi! I just got my Death Knight to 74! I haven’t played a Horde character yet…and my mage is so squishy that it’s not as much fun as playing a hunter or a DK. I did just invest in some better gear for her, so when I get to 80 on my DK, I hope to level the mage a bit more!

      • Nadine, yeh I am trying to get my warlock to 75 before I go back to work BUT today is Tuesday so servers are down all morning lol I should go work on quilts then! I love the mage at a higher level, but she is on another server and on the horde side so we do not play over there atm, my husband plays too and changes chars EVERY other day lol What server are you on?

        • We play on Icecrown ATM, since that’s where my family mostly plays, and my mom and my aunt helped our new characters out in the beginning with donations of gold and bags! πŸ™‚ I must admit to a bit of alt-itis already I’m afraid; I have eight characters on Icecrown, but I think I probably won’t make any more there until Cataclysm hits. Besides, I need to level the ones I have…

          And yeah, Tuesdays are the devil. Gotta hate Tuesdays, but let us hope today goes better than the last maintenance day that was so messed up!

  8. So I am searching the internet for quilt blogs since it’s my latest addiction and after spending the last 2 (or was it 3) years of my life playing WoW every night and I find this post… LOL!!! It seems you and I have traded roles, in a way, not that I think I’m nearly as good at quilting as you are and frankly I was not at good at playing WoW as my guildies. Kudos to you, and your mom (55 toons!?!? oh my goodness!) and I hope you enjoy the World as much as I did (and still do, but with a lot less play time and a lot more quilt time).

    • Erica, give it time and yo will be great at quilting πŸ™‚ although I have been doing it for 12 years now and i think I am still a beginner lol weird how that works huh πŸ™‚ Yeh I am still in shock on her 55 toons as well….:)

    • LOL! That is too funny, Erica! Yes, quilting has been my addiction for 20 years, and if a few days went by without hands on fabric, life wasn’t pretty. Now not a day goes by when I don’t play WoW. Awesome game, and we’re enjoying it as a family which we never did with my quilting. I’m not sure I’m as good at playing WoW as some folks, but I’m still learning the game, and having a great time doing it!

      Enjoy your quilting! πŸ™‚

      • It’s true, WoWis nice when it’s a family affair. I started playing because my husband started and now we have our computers set up right next to each other. We leveled together then joined an awesome guild which makes the game alot more fun and we learn a lot faster with their help and experience. My main is an 80 Undead Holy Priest and I admit I have 2 other 80s and 5 other characters… I am resisting the alt-itis only because I love my holy priest so much. Resisting…right… haha

        So now I have my sewing machine set up on the dining room table and sit close to my husband while he plays. I’m jealous some nights because he is in vent having an absolute blast and I am just sewing sewing sewing. LOL. I’ve started to confine my sewing to the weekends and WoW during the week. It’s working for now and I find quilting lets me calm down and relax while I get worked up playing WoW sometimes with all of the awesomeness!! πŸ˜€

        Happy playing to you all!!

  9. Hi Miss Nadine,

    Do you have your readers on a database of some sorts? I was wondering if you could shoot out an email when or if you blog again. I miss you – however, I think blogging does have a shelf life. A lot of my favorite bloggers are done for now. I get it.


    • Hi Kelly! Your best bet is to subscribe to this blog (and any other favorite blogs!) by RSS using an RSS feed reader like Google Reader. Then you can let the feed reader do the work and it will tell you when there’s something new to read!

  10. woohoo I got to 76 πŸ™‚ I have played too much wow while off the last few days lol πŸ˜› I did a lot of quilting too though and now I bother you a lot because I know you are a quilty wower πŸ˜›

    • “quilty wower” πŸ˜€

      I just got my Death Knight to 75 yesterday, and I just can’t wait to get to 77 so I can get cold weather flying. Messing around in Northrend without being able to fly is a total pain–giants everywhere on the ground, and riding around between places takes forever!

      I’m not quilting right now, because any time I’m not in-game, I’m cleaning out and getting ready to move next month! Yay–we can finally get out of Matchstick Manor!

      P.S. No such thing as “too much WoW”! πŸ˜‰

  11. lol Why are you awake :S I know why I am since I am at work but sheesh woman! Oh you are moving well that is good! Eh..sometimes I think we can have too much WOW but that is mostly because I can no get my husband to do anything else! πŸ™‚

    I know I can not wait for 77 as well. I should be able to get it next week πŸ˜€

    • I’m awake because I live in Germany and it’s 11:00 a.m. here! πŸ˜› And I can relate about the husband doing nothing else–mine has way more trouble logging out when something else needs to be done than I do. Must be a man thing!

  12. OOOo that makes sense nadine lol You know I never paid attention to your location so I thought you were stateside πŸ™‚ It is now 510 am here and I am still at work πŸ˜› the night shift life

    And yes a man thing, as many things are it seems! πŸ˜›

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