Satin Stitch Appliqué

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I’ve never been a big fan of machine appliqué, but at this point, it’s all I can really do since my hands aren’t happy doing appliqué by hand. Here are the settings I use on my Pfaff machine when I do satin stitch appliqué with silk thread:

  • Use #100 silk thread
  • Try a thin (60 wt?) cotton thread in the bobbin, and if it will work without pulling up to the top, great, otherwise, just use the same silk thread in the bobbin for best results
  • Use a tear-away stabilizer under the fabric to prevent ruffly-ness at the satin stitch line
  • Zig-zag stitch #3
  • For a very narrow satin stitch:
    • Stitch length: .25mm
    • Stitch width: .15mm
  • For a bit wider satin stitch:
    • Stitch length: .20mm
    • Stitch width: .20mm

If you ever have to take this satin stitching out, it’s best to use an xacto knife on the stitches very carefully, from the back of the work, obviously making sure not to press too hard and cut through the fabric as well as the stitches! A seam ripper is just to big and bulky for this delicate job!