Machine Quilting Tip

Do you quilt on a home machine (not a mid- or longarm machine)? Here’s a great way to streamline your machine quilting if you have a machine that is capable of using a saved stitch parameter. Consult your manual to help you with the following settings on your machine. Set your default stitch for your desired normal quilting stitch length. This may be 2.5mm or 3.0mm, whichever you like better. Then set your zig-zag stitch for a stitch width of “0”, and a stitch length of 0.5mm, or whatever stitch length you use for your tie-on and tie-off stitches. You’ll be able to quickly switch between the two stitch lengths when you are doing machine-guided (not free-motion) quilting! I use a Pfaff 2054/2056, and it will also work for some of the newer Bernina machines.

Good luck and happy quilting!