Get the Right Table and Chair!

I have a new table to quilt on, finally. It came yesterday, and my DH helped me build it last night. It’s great, because I can adjust it to EXACTLY the right height, which for me is about 65cm high. The table I had before was about 72cm high, which is just not right. I could never get my chair high enough to be comfortable for machine quilting, and still have my feet flat on the floor and my knees bent at a 90% angle. Sitting properly aligned can improve your control when you are machine quilting, as well as save your back and neck (and arms, and legs, and the rest of you!) from pain and even injury. So here’s my advice to you: go out and spend a little money on the right table and chair for you. It’s well worth it. P.S. I got mine at Ikea, and they deliver!