Quilting with Patches

No, we’re not using fabric, here. Patches is my cat, and he keeps me company while I quilt. Well, okay, provides distraction while I quilt, to be a little more accurate. He’s a sturdy mixed breed cat (read “overgrown mutt” weighing in now at about 17.5 pounds, down from a fat 19.5!) with a sweet disposition and an even sweeter little voice for such a big boy. He’s only about 3 years old, so still has the energy of the young. He’s never had anybody to play with, really, since coming to live with us two years ago. Our older cat went to kitty heaven hating him, and we hope to get him a new little brother soon. Meanwhile, I’m his entertainment.


I bought him a new toy the other day, one of those cat teaser wand thingys with a toy attached to a string of elastic. The toy is what looks like a 5″ chunk of a feather boa, and he loved it. He loved it so much, that when he caught it, he wanted to take it off somewhere to chew on it and play with it by himself. Well, we’ve done that before, and what happens is when he runs off with it in his mouth, the elastic and the wand trail after him and he thinks the wand thingy is going to get him, and then he’s scared of the toy forever after.

So he and I played tug of war with this toy, until I finally cut the dang toy off the end of the elastic and gave it to him since he wanted it so bad. He carried it around with him from room to room and played with it off and on for about a day and a half. I thought “great!” New favorite toy for him, maybe I won’t have to spend all that time on the other end of the teaser.

Unfortunately, the attraction didn’t last, and now it seems he wants it back on the elastic again, so it’ll move for him, and none of the other teaser toys are “it.” Back to the kitty toy store I go, to buy another….