Crystals~my latest addiction

Have I mentioned that I love crystals? I mean, I LOVE crystals! You know, those little hot-fix crystals from Swarovski that come in tons of gorgeous colors?! The little crystals you embellish EVERYTHING with?! I love ’em. You can put them on anything, from jeans to quilts and anything in-between, just by heating them up for eight seconds with a little mini iron called a Bedazzler.I saw crystals on quilts for the first time in 2004 at the Houston quilt show, on a quilt by Cheri Meineke-Johnson. There were 7,000 crystals on the BACK of the quilt, and 1,000 on the front! She’s the queen of crystals, and she has the best prices I’ve found on the web too. Paisley Pavane is embellished with over 3,100 crystals, and crystals can be found on Dimensional Weavings as well. One word of caution: applying crystals is a long process, where each crystal must be individually placed with tweezers, then heat set to affix. Take frequent breaks to rest your hands, or you may end up with carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis or tenosynovitis. I know this from experience!

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