Off the Bookshelf—Guide to Machine Quilting, by Diane Gaudynski

Guide to Machine Quilting

Guide to Machine Quilting,
by Diane Gaudynski

If you’re serious about machine quilting, you owe it to yourself to get your hands on this book—yesterday! Diane Gaudynski is my machine quilting guru. Her work is fabulous, and her book is a must have.

First, she’ll take you through the basics, like required equipment and supplies, battings, backing fabrics, marking, basting, machine guided quilting, and free motion quilting. Then it’s on to the really good stuff, like continuous curves, feathers, echo quilting, grids and stippling. Diane’s advice on stippling is really thorough and oh, so helpful. FAQ sections answer all those tough questions quilters of all skill levels have. She also shares her methods for finishing her quilts after quilting, including squaring, blocking, and binding. This book is an all around great reference for machine quilting.