Inspiration: Dreams

Where do great designs come from? Sometimes they come in dreams! Really, no kidding. I was working on my entry for the New Quilts from an Old Favorite contest last fall, and I woke up one morning after dreaming that I was working on a completely different quilt! You know how it is when you first wake up, everything’s kind of foggy, and I really thought I was actually in the middle of that quilt. It was a radial spiky design, like a Mariners Compass, and I could see the colors and the fabrics from my stash in the quilt, topaz, gold, burgundy and olive all on a black background, and of course, it would have crystals. It wasn’t until I was wide awake (sometime later, after some caffeine 🙂 ) that I realized the quilt didn’t exist, yet. Now, when I realized this quilt was only in my mind it was a little freaky, but I’m not one to question fate. I’ll be making that quilt this year for another contest. I’m sure it’ll go through some design modifications, but the essence of my dream will still be there. Funny ol’ world, isn’t it?