Off the Bookshelf—Quilting Makes the Quilt, by Lee Cleeland

Quilting Makes the Quilt

Quilting Makes the Quilt,
by Lee Cleland

Need help with quilting patterns? Get this book, now! In this amazing book, Lee Cleeland presents much food for thought with regard to how the quilting can affect the overall look of a quilt. She’s made a total of 12 quilts, 5 times each! In other words, for each quilt design, she’s made five duplicate quilts, and then quilted each one with different quilting designs. Wow! There are many different styles of quilts as well as quilting designs here, with something for everybody. Traditional and contemporary designs, and designs for children and adults are included here. Pullout patterns in the back of the book make it easy to use a design immediately without having to enlarge it, unless of course your quilt doesn’t happen to like the size provided! 😉 This has been a mainstay of my library since the day I bought it, and it’s one of those books that will never go out of style.