Quilting with Patches and Shadow: Nowhere to sit

You know, awhile back I bought a nice new office chair to replace the chair that was falling apart and bad for my back. So now I have two office chairs in my sewing room, one for the machine and one for the computer and I still have nowhere to sit, thanks to the cats!

Shadow sleeping in my computer chair

The other day, I get up from the computer, move Shadow off my lap where he’s in residence anytime that I’m sitting it seems like, and leave him in the chair since I’m such a nice Mommy. I went to sit in the other chair at my machine to sew for a bit. Patches is happy on the ironing board behind me until I get up to look at a quilt book on the bookshelf, and wham! now Patches is in the chair in front of the machine. So there I am standing in the sewing room with no chairs to sit in. Sheesh. Gotta love those cats!