Off the Bookshelf—Tumbling Blocks

Tumbling Blocks: New Quilts...

Tumbling Blocks: New Quilts…,
by Barbara Smith, Editor

Since we’re on the subject of the New Quilts from an Old Favorite Contest, check out Tumbling Blocks, another book of prize-winning quilts from AQS. My Butterfly Houses quilt was awarded second place in the Tumbling Blocks Contest in 2001, and is featured in the book along with 17 other finalists’ quilts. This is a great “break out of your box” book, full of ideas and inspiration on every page. Here’s the idea: Each year the contest has a different theme, a traditional block (2001’s theme was Tumbling Blocks), and entries must be an innovative interpretation of the theme block. Anything goes, as long as it’s quilted. It’s truly amazing to see the different quilts that are all based on the same original pattern and to read about the inspiration, design and construction processes for each quilt. I learn new things just by reading these books, and I learn even more by entering the contests. I tend to use my computer to help me design these innovative quilts, and it’s usually a fairly long process from concept to quilt. Each quilt that I’ve made has stretched my boundaries in some way, sometimes in many ways. Pick up a copy of the book, enter the contest, and be stretched. Winner or not, you’ll be glad you did.