Love my machine!

Often in my workshops, students will ask what type of sewing machine I have, and why I like it. I am a Pfaff girl, have been for 16 years now, and I’ve owned 5 different Pfaff models. My first Pfaff was a 955, I think, which my mother has now and still uses. Currently, I have a 1475CD, a 7550, a Performance 2056 and a 2124 embroidery machine. Each of these machines has been a great machine, for many of the same reasons. I keep the 1475CD and the 7550 so that I can give one each to my girls when they leave home, and the other two machines are set up in my studio and get used daily. The list of reasons why I love my Pfaff machines is really long. Just for starters:

  • I LOVE the dual feed! I can’t imagine quilting or sewing without it! The dual feed (or IDT, Integrated Dual Transport, it’s official title) feeds the top fabric at the same rate as the bottom fabric. It makes it so much easier to match points for precisioin patchwork, and machine guided quilting with multiple layers and batting is a breeze.
  • I love the low bobbin warning light, which tells me when I’m running out of bobbin thread. Not that I stop right then and refill the bobbin, but at least I’m prepared for it to run out shortly.
  • Pfaff machines have superior piercing power. What this means is that the machine is strong enough to drive the needle through 10 layers of denim fabric without hesitation! This is a must if you’re doing any kind of garment construction or heavy quilting through multiple layers and batting.
  • Durability is a major concern for me. I regularly quilt 6-8 hours a day, and I need a machine that can take the pressure. I run my Pfaff at top speed while stippling, for hours at a time, day after day, and it never heats up or hesitates, nor does it show wear and tear as the years go by. You can’t expect that from an off-the-shelf model from a chain store.

I could go on all day about Pfaff machines, but I’ll save that for a later post! Cheers!