Hanging Quilts

How do you hang your quilts? Do you use the “hanging sleeve and dowel rod method?” I have for years, and still do, but recently I wondered if there wasn’t something better out there. I like to have a seasonal quilt hanging in my entryway that changes depending on the time of year. Now of course, these quilts are not all the same size, so it’s a bit of a hassle (not to mention bad for the wall) to have to put new nails up for each different size of quilt. Enter Arti Tec. Arti Tec is a company in the Netherlands manufacturing state of the art hanging systems for museums, galleries, offices and homes. I discovered this system at my local hardware store, but I do live in Germany, so I know it’s not necessarily available easily in the States. There is a distributor in Canada, however: www.arts-supplies.net. I’m sure if you head to your hardware store, you can probably find supplies to imitate this system as well.

Gallery rail with hooks, cables and picture hooks

I purchased a gallery rail, a moulding shaped wooden rail that is attached to the wall just below the ceiling, with hooks, perlon suspension cables, and picture hooks. Perlon is a clear plastic cable. So, I have the gallery rail that’s a bit wider than my widest quilt that will hang there, and the hooks can slide across the rail so that the system works for any size quilt. I use adjustable cafe curtain rods in the quilt sleeve, which are small enough to fit on the picture hooks. Problem solved!