A small project

Bargello Blocks Table Runner

Well, it was time to take a break from “huge” and work with something more manageable. This little table runner has been around for about 10 years! Yes, unfinished. 😦 However, this may not be such a bad thing. You see, for 10 years, this has been sitting in my closet with the fabric that was to be used for the border. I pulled this project out the other day to finish it, and after really thinking about the size I planned to cut the borders, realized that the fabric I’d stashed away for all those years wasn’t going to cut it. See that beautiful border print? That fabric is a Jinny Beyer border that was just manufactured last year, and it’s perfect. This little quilt turned out beautifully, I just love it, and it wouldn’t have been so great if I’d finished it 10 years ago. Some things are just meant to be.

By the way, part of the reason I dug this out to finish is because I’ve decided to publish the pattern for it, along with the matching quilt called Inspiration. Look for it at The Quilt Shop in June.

4 thoughts on “A small project

  1. Well, anything you do to start finishing the UFOs can only be a GOOD thing! I’ve always loved the bargellos….


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