Favorite Things: Infinite Feathers Quilting Design Book and Template

Infinite Feathers

Infinite Feathers,
by Anita Shackelford

If you’re interested in feather quilting, you won’t want to miss this one! Anita Shackelford takes you on a feather odyssey in Infinite Feathers: Quilt Designs, and introduces you to her indispensable companion tool, the Infinite Feathers Quilting Design Template. Feather quilting seems to be the hallmark of really intricate and detailed heirloom quilts, and it can be rather intimidating to consider quilting feathers whether by hand or machine, not to mention drawing your own feather designs. Anita makes it an easy, step-by-step

Infinite Feathers Quilting Design Template

process with her detailed instructions and creative ideas for using the Feather Template to draw your own designs to fit any space on your quilt. There are also lots of ready to use designs included in the back of the book. I’ve used Anita’s designs, methods and template on many of my large quilts like FeatherGlow and Material Marquetry as well as other smaller projects.