Quilting with Patches and Shadow: On the mend

Sometimes they're friends...

I haven’t written much about the kitties in awhile, maybe because I just didn’t want to think about the whole thing too much, or maybe I was already thinking about it too much and didn’t want to write about it too. We’re still battling sickness, but I think we’re getting closer to to healthy every day. Crossing my fingers, anyway. Patches has been sick twice more with the calicivirus sores in his mouth, and now we’re struggling with a really bad case of feline acne. I’ve hired a new vet in hopes to finally get both kitties well again. The new vet gave Patches an Interferon shot to boost his immune system to hopefully get him over the acne on his chin. Anyway, at some point, I really must write down the whole saga, because perhaps I can help someone else if they are in this situation, battling the viruses that we’ve had here, not to mention the cautionary tale of what to look for in a breeder so as not to have the problems (health and behavioral) in the first place! Maybe soon, when they are both better for sure, and I can quit stuffing pills down them every day.