Quilting Warm Fuzzy Feelings #2


Fabric stash

WFF#2: When your points or corners match perfectly on the first try!
It’s definitely a Quilting WFF moment when your points or corners match up on the first try. We’ve all had to break out the seam ripper to unsew and try again to get those points to match up, but do we really ever know why sometimes it works perfectly and sometimes it’s a nightmare of thread bits and shredded fabric? To my mind, it all goes back to accuracy, starting with how you fold the fabric before you cut it. Here are a few tips to make your next point matching experience more successful, and maybe even a WFF!

  • When you’re getting ready to rotary cut your fabric, be sure to fold the fabric correctly so that the grainlines are straight and lining up correctly. If the grainlines are not straight on your fabric pieces, slight stretching can occur when sewing, causing inaccuracy and possible “unsewing.” The same goes for tracing and cutting fabric with templates. Make sure the straight edges of the template are in line with the grainlines of the fabric.
  • If you’re rotary cutting, straighten the cut edge of the fabric after every two to three cuts. The cut edge should be at a right angle to the folded edges of the fabric.
  • Check your seam allowance to be sure that it is really 1/4″. Also, pay special attention to the beginning and end of each seam, as there can be a tendency to let the seam allowance get too big or small in those areas.
  • Use proper pressing techniques to make seam allowances “nest” or “butt” together to cut down on bulk and facilitate easier matching.

Keep in mind that even with the most careful preparation, sometimes you run into a fabric that just won’t behave. Maybe it has a lot of stretch in relation to the other fabrics in the project, or maybe even not enough stretch. Test blocks come in handy here. If you’ve made a test block and find one of those “stubborn” fabrics that just won’t be forced into submission, consider replacing it to make your whole project more enjoyable, and experience more Quilting WFF’s.