UFO Report! A little progress here and there…

Lone Star Quilt detail

As some of you may be aware, about two and a half years ago my friend Liz Buchanan and I decided to list all of our UFO’s so that we actually knew what we had. We even put the list into an Excel spreadsheet, with columns for what needed to be done, what was completed, and the final completion date of each project. Well, all the details aside, I was horrified (and more than a bit chagrined) to find that I had a huge number (like over 50!) of Un-Finished Objects in my quilting studio, from years and years of quilting dangerously. Ugh! Time to get busy!

Well, I said to myself that I would try to finish one of my UFO’s per month, and for a year, I actually did that. I haven’t been quite as productive since then, I’m afraid. Life (and new projects) gets in the way. I have however, completed two in the last month or so, the quilt you see pictured here, and the Bargello Blocks Tablerunner, both of which have been UFO’s for 10 years or so. Hopefully, the rest of this year will be as productive!