Things that keep me from quilting #5: Site maintenance

I’ve spent most of this “too hot to quilt” week doing website maintenance, so some of you may see a bit of a different look. I say some of you, because if you’re viewing the site on a monitor that’s set for 800×600 resolution, you won’t see much difference in the overall look. Here’s a hint though: you’ll be able to see so much more, in a much more “roomy” style, if you change your resolution on your monitor to at least 1024×768! Not just on this site either, but on the World Wide Web as a whole. So many pages are just so full of information that 800 pixels wide is just not enough to hold it all!

Other than adding more wide open space, you’ll also notice that I’ve added a search function to the site. You’ll see a search box like this on every page:

Site Search: 

Try it! This function is in Beta, which means that it’s in the testing phase, so if you get anything weird looking, that’s why. I’m still bug hunting and cleaning up the code. I hope the site search feature is helpful to you. Do leave a comment to let me know of any weirdness, and how you like it!