A fun quilting knowledge test

In case you haven’t seen this one at PBS.com, here’s a fun Quilting Knowledge Test. This has been around awhile, since it was part of the America Quilts documentary pages which went along with the 100 Best Quilts of the Century. Well, I missed all that (the stuff on PBS anyway) since I was over here in Germany where we don’t get PBS! It was fun to take the test though, and see how much I really do know about quilting. I think I was surprised that I did so well, actually, since quilting history is not my bag, exactly. I’m much more interested in quilting future than quilting past if you know what I mean, and I’ve only ever seen one antique quilt that I would have been interested in buying (and I’ve looked at many), and I couldn’t afford it at the time. 😦 Anyway, take the test, and see how much you know!