Favorite Things: Curved thread snips

Easy Kut curved thread snips

I love these snips! They are so perfect for machine quilting, because you can get really close to the quilt to trim the threads, but you won’t risk cutting the fabric (as I’ve done before with other scissors!). I need to order another pair so I have a spare, because if I lose them, it’s a really bad thing. I’ve also used them to trim threads when I do machine embroidery, but now I see there’s a new snip on the market that might be better for that:

Kricket scissors
Interestingly, it doesn’t seem like these are made by the same company. Go figure. Nancy’s Notions has both of these products.

2 thoughts on “Favorite Things: Curved thread snips

    1. Hi Ann!

      After nearly ten years, I guess I’m not too surprised that they no longer carry these! 🙂 A quick Google search should turn them up if you’re still looking for a pair.


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