Driven to Quilt Podcast Episode 8: It’s all about accuracy: ways to improve your piecing and quilting accuracy; Barn Quilts: what they are and where to find them; and tips for hand appliqué.

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Episode 8 program notes:

Rotary cutting accuracy tips1. Fabric that is not folded correctly for rotary cutting.

Rotary cutting accuracy tips2. Fabric folded correctly for rotary cutting, with no rolls or wrinkles.

Rotary cutting accuracy tips3. Trimming off ragged edges.

Rotary cutting accuracy tips4. Line up the fold with a ruler line.

Rotary cutting accuracy tips5. Check your fold and keep it lined up on a ruler line when cutting strips.

Rotary cutting accuracy tips6. If your strips have a “v” at the fold, the ruler was not lined up correctly at 90 degrees when you cut the fabric.

Rotary cutting accuracy tips7. Cutting angled pieces with the angled lines on the ruler.

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