Finishing a quilt!

After a couple of marathon quilting days, I’ve just finished my latest quilt. It’s always an interesting combination of feelings when you put those last stitches in: first you heave the big sigh of relief because you’re done, and then you take a big breath and hold it while you dump the quilt in the washing machine! Then you have to wait awhile to see if it lives through it’s first bath, and I have to wait even longer, since my German washer takes way longer to run a cycle than an American one does.

No matter how many quilts I’ve made, I still worry about that first bath; will the dyes in the fabrics run? Will all my machine quilting unravel? None of these things usually happen, and I don’t really expect them to this time, but it’s still scary! Anyway, I still have some things to do before the quilt is completely done, like add crystals and some other embellishments. I’ll post some pics as soon as I get them done!