Quilting Warm Fuzzy Feelings #5

Mmmm....Quilting!When you’ve found the perfect fabric for a quilt in your stash and you don’t have enough, but your favorite quilt shop comes through with the perfect replacement, and plenty of it!

Talk about a “make my day moment” and a WFF all in one! I’m planning a new quilt, and of course I had the perfect background fabric, but not enough of it. I tried a couple of other things from my stash, and none would do as well as the fabric I really wanted to use. I even called my buddy Liz to see if she had this fabric-from-who-knows-how-many-years-ago, and believe it or not, she not only knew exactly what fabric I was talking about without seeing it (scary), she found some in her sewing room!

Alas, even with her yardage, I was still coming up short, since I needed seven yards or something like that. I’d even ordered something from a shop on the internet, even though I didn’t figure it would be right when it got here. This is the downside to working from your fabric stash. Sometimes, desperation sets in. So in desperation, I went out to Patchcom to visit Birgit today, and she hooked me up with the perfect thing. It’s a fabric from the Krystals line from Michael Miller, and it’s no wonder that I found the perfect thing, since there are 180 different colors in that line I think.

To top off my good fortune and Warm Fuzzy Feelings, the fabric wasn’t even that expensive! I don’t buy a whole lot of fabric from German shops, because of the price difference partly due to the weak dollar, but when you have to have it, well, you just have to have it, and it’s definitely a bonus if it’s semi-cheap! I’m off to wash my fabric, and count this a successful and productive day, and it’s only early afternoon. Cheers!