Quilt Retreat Weekend coming up

At the Black Forest Quilters Guild meeting last Friday, I managed to squeeze in to the annual Fall Quilt Retreat scheduled for this coming weekend. I haven’t been on a quilt retreat with the guild for many years, though I remember the very first retreat well. Nine members, including myself, went to a tiny little farmhouse bed and breakfast, and we were crammed into the breakfast room with all our machines and the irons and whatnot. The electrical maneuverings were rather interesting, but a good time was had by all.

I think this retreat will be somewhat different though, as I understand there will be 30 members from our guild attending, and 30 members from a German guild in the area as well. With any luck the room is a bit bigger! 😉 I’m going to spend as much of today and tomorrow as possible gathering projects and supplies to keep busy for two days (and maybe nights!) of non-stop quilting. Not that finding projects is a problem around here, really! I think I’ll take two quilts that are marked for quilting and basted for machine quilting, so that I don’t have to lug the iron and the rotary cutter and mat and all since I won’t be piecing anything. Maybe I can even get one of those UFO’s nearly done!

We’re supposed to take a quilt for show and tell with the German guild, and I haven’t decided which one to take yet. Suggestions?