Quilt Retreat UFO Project

Winter WindmillsSo here’s a bit of the quilt that I took to the Quilt Retreat last weekend. It was so wonderful to have all that time at the Retreat to work on whatever I wanted. I am almost finished with it, and I’m hoping to have it completely done and washed in time to take it with me to the Black Forest Quilters Guild meeting next Friday for Show & Tell. I backed this quilt with a brushed cotton, so it’ll be so warm and cozy that the family will probably fight over who gets to use it.

I was afraid I might regret the brushed cotton, since the last time I used a fuzzy flannel type fabric on the back of a quilt, I was sorry. That fabric was a Thimbleberries flannel, and it had so much ink or dye on the top of it that it wouldn’t slide well over the machine bed during free motion quilting. It was terrible, but by the time I got to the free motion part, there was too much other quilting in it to just take it out and start over. This time, I tested the “free-motion-ability” of this fabric right away, so if it was horrible I could take it out, and then unbaste and rebaste the quilt with something else. Thankfully it was cooperative this time, and it’s turning into a very snuggly quilt, just in time for the winter months.