Driven to Quilt Episode 12: Quilt patterns redux, pattern drafting primer, and the Quilt Retreat report

Episode 12 Program notes:

Around the Block with Judy Hopkins (affiliate link) is a great reference book for blocks, and taught me a lot about the grid base of quilt blocks.

Soft-Edge Piecing by Jinny Beyer (affiliate link)—Love this book for more reasons than just her section on pattern drafting.

Mariner’s Compass Quilts by Judy Mathieson (affiliate link)—Great book on Mariner’s Compass Quilts from the acknowledged expert!

Electric Quilt 7 (affiliate link), my computer quilting program of choice.

Block Factory Mariner's Compass EditionGreat stand alone program with many pre-drafted Mariner’s Compass blocks.

Make Any Block Any Size and Patchwork Persuasion by Joen Wolfrom (affiliate links)—Look for either of these books for good instruction for quilt pattern drafting.

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