Things that keep me from quilting #9: work and life in general

Well, mostly work really. After spending most of the week programming, I hope to really get back to my UFO quilt tomorrow just in time for the Quilt Guild meeting tonight! I thought I’d get on with it on Monday, but work got in the way. It’s been sitting there calling me all week “quilt me, quilt me, quilt me,” and from just across the room, no less. It does make it a bit difficult to stay on target with other things, when my computer is in the same room as my sewing machine!:) One the one hand, it’s good, because like I did yesterday, I can take ten or fifteen minutes and hop over to the machine and quilt a bit in between other stuff. The other side of it is having it calling to me all the time like a piece of yummy chocolate cake that I get to look at but not eat! Tomorrow I plan to eat it though, and not check my email so that I can have the binding on this quilt and have it ready for show and tell at the Guild meeting. If I’m really good, I’ll even get a picture of it up by Sunday!