A funny thing happened when I started to quilt on Friday…

I had my day all planned out, but you know what they say about “best laid plans.” We’ve been hearing about our new carport from our landlord since sometime in April. First it was going to happen “in the fall,” then it was “before it snows,” and as it got further on toward the end of the year, it was “morgen, und morgen, und morgen” for about two weeks. Not that this was the landlord’s fault, that’s just how things are here, I guess.

Well, I sat down to hand sew the binding down on the UFO quilt that I took to the Quilt Retreat a couple of weeks ago, and I start hearing pounding and hammering from outside, and lo and behold, they’re finally here to put up the carport. So it was drop everything, move the car, then move the car again later, and my quilting day was punctuated with the sudden sounds of hammering, and the lilting strains of saws and whatever this thing was that they used to dig holes next to my driveway:

Carport building

I wasn’t even dressed when they showed up, so quickly had to do that, then move the car, and then repeat the dressing part after a quick shower. This was the view from my bedroom window at that point:

Carport building

The cats were hysterical. Hysterical as in funny, I mean. They just had to see what was going on, so they kept going to my bedroom window to see the action, but every new noise sent them running for another room. Curiosity would lure them back shortly, only to repeat the process moments after they got back to the window sill.

I did finally get the binding sewn, though not before time for the Guild Meeting, which I wasn’t able to attend at the last moment anyway. A crisis with my oldest daughter preempted the meeting; I really needed to be at home right then.

The carport isn’t finished yet; we’ll see what Monday brings on that front. The crisis isn’t finished yet either, and Monday ought to be interesting there as well.