Reader Project: just an hour a day

This week is starting to feel most definitely unproductive. I got a lot done quilting-wise over the weekend, but since then I get up every morning with the goal of quilting during the day at some point, and somehow before I know it, it’s time to fix dinner, and then the day’s over and I haven’t really done as much as I would like, and some days nothing at all. Instead of telling you why, in one of the “Things that keep me from quilting” posts (and that’s partly because there is no direct reason that I can discern, just a mysterious lack of motivation and life getting in the way), I’ve decided on a different tack.

Let’s try a Reader Project. I’m going to say to myself that I WILL quilt for an hour today, and again tomorrow, and again the day after tomorrow. That’s it. Just an hour a day. If I get to the machine and stay there for more than an hour, good and fine, but that first hour will get done. Join me for that hour a day of quilting time, whether it’s at the machine or doing some handwork. That’s your project for the next week, and I want to hear about it when you do it. Leave a comment to let me know you’re with me, and maybe together we can shake off the “I’m so busy I don’t know where to start so I do nothing” blues during this December.

P.S. I’m going to open the comments feature completely, so that you don’t have to register to comment. Should make it easier, I guess, but we’ll see how long we can last without getting a ton of comment spam.