Quilting with Patches and Shadow: What cats do

Here’s how Patches spent his morning:

A very comfy computer chair we have

in one of his favorite places sleeping off the late night last night. Their schedules are all out of whack because of our late nights over the past few days, so he’s catching up I think. Then there’s Shadow:

Helping.  Yeah, right.

While I did my quilting (before I did anything “work-ish” today, just like I said I was going to) Shadow sat in the middle of it and tried to play with the end of my quilt marker while I was using it. When he finally got tired of me telling him “no,” he settled down to nap as well, and only woke up when I left the room to get my camera and then he gave me this annoyed look when I took a couple of pics.

I don’t know if I’ll actually get to really quilt today on the machine, but I did get some of the marking done anyway. Maybe later I can reward myself if I get all the other stuff done! 🙂 I’m off to start Christmas cards and packages!