Crafty gifts

Every year, I think long and hard about what gift(s) to give our landlord and landlady. They are just wonderful people, but it’s difficult to know very well what they like. They’re German, of course, and retired, and pretty much have everything they need. Things to eat and drink seem safe, and are usually well received, but I do like to go a bit farther than that if possible. Last year, I used my embroidery machine to make a table runner and a matching door hanger:

Table runner & door hanger

It was really funny, since I’d put the fabric that I used for the lining in a pile with bunches of other quilting stuff to get rid of donate to charity, and when I needed something to line the table runner with, I had to go digging for it. See, this is why we never get rid of anything, packrats that we are in my family. As soon as it’s gone, we need it for something. It absolutely never fails.

Anyway, I still have more of the green fabric (and the lining, which I decided might be worth keeping after all), and more threads for the embroidery, so I’m thinking I’ll make some napkin rings or something with some of the other embroidery designs that came in the package I bought. I’m not sure that I have the time to make placemats (much bigger and take longer of course), but some kind of napkin thingy might be doable. Oh, and maybe if I actually use the embroidery machine for the first time since I made these gifts for last Christmas, hubby will quit twitting me about it!