Beginning to look like Christmas

We did finally get the tree up last week, and the rest of the house decorated. I didn’t put up as many decorations this year, partly lack of time, and partly because Shadow is still in his idiot kitten phase. We put all the Disney ornaments on the tree since the kids love those, and then we added all of the Christborn, Radko and other glass ornaments that we have. I just love all my bird ornaments! They’re so cool since they have a little clip instead of feet so they sit on top of the branches instead of hanging.

Glass bird ornament

Last year, Dawn and I took a trip to the Christborn factory (they also make Radko ornaments), and bought some many ornaments. We bought so many (and were there so long!) that the owners took us in the back and gave us coffee and cookies, and then brought out the really good stuff! We got to see (and buy) the ornaments that were being manufactured for the next year’s season, the ones that are only just now available in the States. We called them the “bling” ornaments, because they were glass like all the rest, but then they were absolutely encrusted with Swarovski Crystals and beads! I bought a Bling Frog for each of my girls:

The Bling Frog

He was just so ugly he was cute. I told them to kiss the frog every year when we put up the tree and someday, their prince will come. Then of course I had to have a Bling Bird:

The Bling Bird

There was one ornament I was absolutely not leaving without, and it is my favorite:

The Cosmo

If you’re in Germany, you simply must make the trip to the Christborn factory to buy these ornaments (so much cheaper than in stores!). It’s a day trip for me, since it’s about three hours from Stuttgart, near Nürnberg. Call ahead and let them know you’re coming, and plan to go in early October for the best selection (put it on your calendar now, and I’ll try to remind you next year as well). You can contact them through the website.