The unorganized quilter?

I really don’t think I’m all that unorganized. Yeah, my studio (and the rest of the house, it could honestly be said) is a bit cluttered, but I’ve always said that know where everything is. I do have a pretty good memory, and that helps most of the time. Every once in a while though, I end up running around crazy looking for one stupid item that’s gone astray. I must point out here that I didn’t, in any way shape or form, help whatever it is to go missing. I didn’t put it somewhere weird, or lend it to someone, it just grew legs, and isn’t where I left it.

Every once in a while, I end up running around crazy looking for one stupid item that’s gone astray.

What does all of this have to do with my quilting and fabric art life? Today I set out to make some little napkin ring type thingys to give to my landlady for Christmas, to match the tablerunner and door hanger from last year. Nothing is ever as simple as you wish it to be. Considering that I haven’t used the embroidery machine since last Christmas, the first order of business was to excavate the thing from the clutter that finds its way to the table where the machine lives. Then I realize that due to major computer issues including a new motherboard and reformatted hard drive, the software that drives the card reader/writer that makes the embroidery designs available to the sewing machine isn’t loaded.

So I go hunting for it, and the box with the software and instructions is nowhere to be found. After an hour and a half of tearing the studio apart, I finally decide that it really took a walk, and I go hunting elsewhere, all the way to the old computer cabinet downstairs which has become the home for unused (at the moment) computer parts and software (yes, there’s so much of that stuff around that it has its own cabinet now). Makes sense that I found it there I suppose, but you must remember that I had nothing to do with it.

Then came the fun part: remembering how to use all this stuff that I haven’t touched for a year. And I decided that while I was loading software, I needed to load the whole shebang, including the 3D embroidery suite that I bought after Christmas last year, and have never even used. So now I’m really in the unknown land with all this. Had to be done though, since the embroidery design I wanted to use was 2″ x 7″, which was way too big for a napkin ring, and the only way to resize it down to 1 1/4″ x 4 1/4″ without the stitching being too dense was to pull it into the editor and do it that way.

The day's work

So here it is way past my bed time, but I’ve learned how to resize an embroidery design with a mouse click or two, duplicate the design and move it around so that there are two motifs stitched out at a time in the hoop instead of just one, and I figured out how to change the thread colors on the computer to match what I was actually using, as well as combine the thread colors so that the two designs stitch out quicker and with half the number of thread changes. I’m feeling some serious Pfaff love right now. (Did I forget to mention that this machine is a Pfaff 2124? Love, love, love my Pfaff machines!) I know that I’ve only scratched the surface of what this software can really do, but before I can play anymore, I have to get on with these napkin rings, since there’s only, what, 4 days until Christmas??