A lovely machine quilting class

Machine Guided Sampler from Machine Quilting - Master the Basics Workshop

I spent Saturday morning at the Gussy Goose teaching six great ladies to machine quilt. It’s so inspiring to teach, really, because it’s just so great to see the light go on in people’s minds when they learn something new, or pick up new tips and tricks, and you can almost see their thoughts beginning to turn when they start thinking about all the things they want to do with their new skills. This week was just the beginning with machine guided quilting and stitch in the ditch, and next week we’ll meet again for the free motion quilting part of the class.

I’m always energized after a class, and if I didn’t have the flu I’d be quilting right now, instead of sitting at my computer. Yes, that was the not so good part of the day yesterday: having the flu, and teaching the class anyway. I do hope I didn’t infect anyone else! Infecting people with the machine quilting bug is one thing, but the flu bug is something else entirely!

I’ve been asked to teach the Machine Quilting—Beyond the Basics class for Quilt Campus…

So, I spent part of last week reviewing class material in preparation to teach, but also preparing that same class material for delivery in another format: an online machine quilting class for Quilt Campus. Quilt Campus is a completely new web community, where you can take online quilting classes, participate in live chat sessions, view the gallery, read the newsletter, and much more. When you take a class online, classes are usually 3-4 weeks, and a new lesson is available on the website once a week. You’ll view the material, do the exercises, and visit the class forum to interact with your fellow students and the instructor (that’s me!) daily! If you have questions during the class, they are easily answered in the forum. I’ve been asked to teach the Machine Quilting—Beyond the Basics class for Quilt Campus, so stay tuned for dates and more info!