Creativity back on track, I think

It’s looking better than it was on Sunday, anyway. I went to the fabric shops as planned today, and didn’t find exactly what I needed (now why doesn’t that surprise me??), but did find some hopefuls. I didn’t get to play right away though, because the day was rather full, with an appointment to make my hair behave again bright and early (note to self: no more appointments out of the house before 10:00 a.m.!). So, at 7:45 a.m., I’m cruising through morning traffic to make it to my 8:00 hair appointment more or less on time.

I took a new quilt book with me, as well as my fiction fix of the moment just in case the quilt book didn’t keep me occupied long enough for my hair to lose it’s dark roots and be beautiful again. I just got Puzzle Quilts by Paula Nadelstern in the mail from Amazon last week, and haven’t really looked at it completely yet. This wonderful book completely occupied me for my whole appointment, and I’ve still not gotten through it all. It’s not even that long, just so absolutely stunning and absorbing that I was happy to just stare at the beautiful quilts and blocks in it. A more complete review will follow, but I don’t want to get sidetracked with that quite yet.

Back to the creativity/fabric issue. After the hair was taken care of, I headed over to Patchcom to visit Birgit, in hopes of finding the perfect fabric to solve my current quilting woes. Well, the perfect fabric wasn’t there, but I did pick up a couple of things (who can resist??), one of which I thought might help the problem, if not solve it precisely, and the other was just a “gotta have” fabric. I made my way to the Gussy Goose after that (via the insurance company to renew the insurance on the house and DH’s truck since it’s that time again), and there was no perfect fabric there either, so I took three others home with me that I thought I could settle on if all else failed. At that moment, settling was the best thing I could see happening if I didn’t just put the whole dang project back on UFO status and proceed to work on something else. So here are today’s additions to the stash:

Fabric stash additions

Aside: And what is this “Fabric Diet” thing I’m reading about around the quilt-blogosphere?? Eeek! I need to get out more I guess, since I missed it. No fun anyway. More power to ya though, gals! 😉 Oooh, but I guess part all of my fabric purchases today count anyway, since it was all the name of “finishing a quilt” like you say! *snicker*

The two on the left are the ones from Patchcom, and the others are from the Goose (the one second to left is the “gotta have.” It’s just so cool and “me.”). So this afternoon after I finally got home for almost the last time (via lunch with DH, home to drop stuff and check email, back to pick up kids from school, home again, but still had to go back out for DD’s guitar lessons. sigh This is what keeps me from quilting!), I got to play with the colors a bit, and I think maybe if I use two of the fabrics I bought, one from each store, with the other stuff that is already in the quilt, it might work. Here’s how the colors fit together, in my favorite blendy way:

Fabrics = happy!

Obviously, I still need to lay it all out with the Feathered Star block and the border and see how it really looks, but I like the way the fabrics are working together as a start anyway. Hopefully, I can get to that tomorrow, but I have some heavy last minute work on one of the websites I manage to do, so it may not happen. I may have to steal the time, however, just to be sure I don’t lose my mind. Update to follow, with more pics!

3 thoughts on “Creativity back on track, I think

  1. beautiful fabrics – I would have a hard time passing those up too. The fabric diet is monthly though (and you choose what level and when you participate), so still time to get in it – lol.


  2. Hi Kim!
    Thanks for stopping in! Maybe I’ll join in that fabric diet some other month, but really, almost all of my fabric purchases are “to finish something” so maybe I’m still okay. 😉


  3. I understand… mine are mostly to finish projects myself. My restrictions on my diet is “frivolous fabric purchases” – no buying fabric just because I like it – It has to have a purpose.


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