Surprises in the Mail

So, it’s that time again, and this year, it’s the big 4-0 coming up this month. Now, despite the fact that I told DH exactly what I wanted some time ago (it’s a car thing, not a quilt thing, so don’t be surprised when you look at it!), he still looked at me across the dinner table the other night, and asked “What do you want for your birthday??” GRRR. Should be pretty obvious why I usually just buy what I want when I want it. Why wait?

On the other hand, I was really excited when an unexpected package showed up in the mail from my friend Liz! Liz went to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show to see her quilt that was in the show! She started this quilt when she lived here in Germany after taking a class with the Black Forest Quilt Guild, I think, and I’m so happy that it’s finished and she took the plunge and entered it into Mid-Atlantic!

Liz's quilt at Mid-Atlantic

I can’t for the life of me remember what she named this quilt (sorry Liz!), but it’s beautiful! edit: She named it City Lights. This was her first entry into a major show, and it’s so cool that she was able to go to the show to see it there. It’s so exciting to see your own quilt hanging in a show with so many other beautiful ones. Oh, and the package? She shopped while she was at the show, of course, and here’s what she found for me:

Birthday Surprises

I love it! Liz always knows just what I’ll like! These batiks are so yummy, and I LOVE variegated threads. These just may find their way right into my next project! And check out the card:

Birthday Card

Now THAT is cool! Definitely one of my favorite things to do: shopping! The card is dimensional, with lots of different textures and gizmos, like the little handles on the shopping bags. Thanks Liz!

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