I’ve been corrupted by…

Bernina!! Yes, you heard right, I’m shopping for a Bernina sewing machine. I know, I’ve been a confirmed Pfaff girl forever, and even my mom said “But you don’t like those machines, I thought!” when I told her. So here’s the deal: Pfaff machines have always done what I wanted without fuss, and done it better. However, when I tried the new Bernina 440 at the Museum workshop with Diane Gaudynski, it had some features that I really liked that Pfaff doesn’t have.

I’ve been thinking about that dratted machine ever since, plotting and planning how to get my hot little hands on one SOON! I really can’t justify another machine at the moment. No way. But I can sell one of the ones I have so I can get the Bernina that will get used more! I have a Pfaff 2124 embroidery machine that I bought two years ago in the States when I went on a machine embroidery kick, and despite the fact that I have absolutely everything that goes with it to make it truly wonderful, it just doesn’t get used enough. I think I’ve actually used it about five times all told. So here it is, up for sale:

Pfaff 2124 sewing machine with embroidery attachment included
Pfaff creative 3D Software Suite
creative smart card station
Personal smart card
creative Grand Hoop
creative Round Hoop 120mm
all original accessories and packaging included

Software modules included in creative Suite:

creative 3D Embroidery
creative 3D Vision
creative 3D Organizer
creative 3D Stitch Editor
creative 3D Design Splitter
creative 3D Digitizing
creative 3D Font Digitizing
creative 3D PictureStitch
creative 3D Cross Stitcher
creative 3D Stitch Artist
creative 3D File Assistant
creative 3D Fabric Decorator

Retail on all of the above is about $4500, but I’m letting it go for $2900, and all of it’s barely used. Interested? Shoot me an email, and we’ll chat! If you’re not in Germany, don’t despair, I can ship the whole kit and kaboodle to you!

**UPDATE** Sold!