Time Out for Blog Maintenance

You may notice a few new things on the Weblog here, one good, one kind of annoying unfortunately, and one hopefully interesting. The first: I added the option to subscribe to comments. When you leave a comment, you have the option to subscribe to subsequent comments to that post, so that you’ll receive an email when a new comment is posted. Hopefully, this will make it easier to continue discussions here on QE without checking back in to the original post if there’s nothing there.

Second: The things that go on behind the scenes are sometimes bewildering, really. I received a not-so-nice message through the contact form about the Quilted Whispers Contest. Obviously, I’ll have to put in a filter for “those words” that don’t have anything to do with quilting. That part isn’t the whole crux of the issue though, it just led me to dig through my stats a bit, looking for an IP trail so I could just ban that obnoxious user if possible, and I found some rather puzzling referral pages there. I found links to this site from another, which would be good, except that this other site has taken my blog posts, in their entirety including hotlinkng to my pictures (aka stealing my bandwidth), and posted them on their site, and then translating them into multiple languages even. I’m not sure what the purpose of the site even is, since it’s fairly obvious that this person is not a quilter, and they’ve done the same with other blog posts from many other sites around the Internet, on many different subjects. I’ve contacted the hosting company since there was no contact info on the site itself (gee, I wonder why?!? Because they’re theives!), and hopefully that will get someone’s attention.

This site actually had a link back to the original posts, so maybe they aren’t complete theives (except for the bandwidth part), but I haven’t published my content under a license that allows republication in any manner, and they didn’t even ask, so it has me a bit peeved. Anyway, the point is, not only have I disabled hotlinking of pictures, I’ve also added a watermark to all the pictures currently on the blog. I hate having to do that, since it doesn’t look wonderful and it’s just one more step for me when posting pictures, but maybe it will heighten awareness of this issue. I can’t keep folks from stealing my content without being on “24/7 hunt them down vigilance,” but maybe I can make them work harder if they really want my stuff.

Third: I’ve been reading a few new quilting blogs myself lately, but I just haven’t gotten around to posting the links here, and introducing them. It was rather funny recently, when Art La Flamme (TS&WGH to art quilter Kristin La Flamme whose blog I’ve been reading lately, and it’s one of the few that I’ve linked to) commented on his blog:

I do know that it says a lot about the influence my wife has on other outs there in that big, wide world. The Quilt Epiphany Blog thinks that there are just three other web sites out there that are world reading, with K’s (Kristin’s) being one of them — who knew?

Well, not really, but close. 😉 It has taken me quite a while to find other quilting blogs (not to mention blogs on other subjects) that are worth returning to frequently, partly because I just don’t spend bunches of time looking. The blogs I’ve listed below, and linked in to the “A Good Read” section in the sidebar, are quilters who’ve come here to read and left comments, and I’ve looked in to their blogs to check them out. I liked what I saw enough to return when they’ve posted something new, and perhaps you may find them entertaining as well:

Passionate Quilter—Karen the Passionate Quilter is a new teacher at Quilt Campus, where I’ll also be teaching online soon. I like her down to earth style, and she even took us all on vacation to very far away places with her!

Quilts With Love—I love Vivian Love’s energetic attitude and her blog is peppered with lovely old photos and family anecdotes, and she does some fabulous quilting on that longarm!

the jettstream—I find Jane Ann to be refreshing with a great sense of humor, and I enjoy her posts about her life, work, family and quilting.

The Quilter—Paula the Quilter is fun and interesting, filled with photos that peek into her life and times, and not just about quilting.

Now, my only “reservation” about any of these is that they’re all on Blogger, and unless I’m missing some obvious thing, it’s really difficult for a new reader to peruse old posts. You get to the bottom of the front page, and (sometimes!) there’s no link to get to previous posts. Am I missing it? Anyway, I try to go back and read older posts through the archive links, but it sure might be even easier if Blogger was more cooperative, or they were on their own domains or something. Anyway, reading current posts is easy! Enjoy!

(Edit: I take it back, the jettstream is on WordPress.com not Blogger, so the above does not apply! Apologies!)

6 thoughts on “Time Out for Blog Maintenance

  1. The access to older posts in Blogger is on the side panel (either right or left, depending on the blog set-up) and listed as the “Archives” section. You can look for specific posts or most will have the older posts listed by month.

    Sorry to hear about your bandwidth theft — but at least the person decided to steal a good read (not that it feels any better, but a left handed compliment none-the-less).


  2. Hi Angela,

    Thanks for the tip about Blogger blogs. I did totally miss the little arrows next to the months in the Archives list on some of the Blogger blogs. That makes it a bit easier anyway!

    I peeked at your blog too, and I like what I see! Keep sharing!


  3. Bandwidth. The stats you were reading are probably some newsreader feed like bloglines, or atom, or rss. Somebody else (who’s blog I read and can’t remember exactly who) discovered the same thing and figured out the answer. HTH.


  4. Hi Paula,
    Actually, it wasn’t a bandwidth thing that showed the problem, and it’s not like it was huge amounts or anything. Anytime someone links to a picture on someone else’s site (instead of saving the pic to their own server space), whenever a user loads the page, it gets the pic from the original location, and thereby is stealing bandwidth from the original site. It was an actual site in my referral stats, not a feed reader, that had stolen the content and hotlinked to the pictures. As Angela said, a left handed compliment, but still irritating.


  5. Nadine, many apologies for my tardy thanks for your kind words. I found your note of praise quite by accident as I checked in on you here! (I’ve been distracted from blogging and quilting–and most everything else lately, if you’ve kept up.)

    I enjoy reading you too and, being the new owner of an iPod, I was listening to one of your podcasts just Sunday night!


  6. Hi Jane Ann,

    No worries at all. I did check in on yours and see that you’ve been occupied with life, as we all have to be sometimes. Glad to hear you’re one of us iPod addicts now, too!!


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