Thursday Thirteen

I ran across a “Thursday Thirteen” entry on a recent trip through the blogosphere (I think it was at Quilt Nut Creations, Rhonda’s home on the ‘Net) and I thought it might be a cool way to get a bit more personal here. The idea, as I am able to interpret it anyway, is to share 13 things about yourself every Thursday, and then leave a comment with a link to your post over at Thursday Thirteen’s Blog, where all the TT’ers connect. Everyone bloghops around to the TT lists, leaving comments about the contents along the way, and we all get to know each other better. So without further ado, I give you:

  1. I just started practicing yoga. Now that the big 4-0 is here, it’s past time to do something in the physical fitness department, so maybe I can tolerate a bit of yoga. I’ve never found anything else that I can make myself do on a regular basis.
  2. I don’t watch TV. Ever.
  3. I go to a movie at a theater about once a year, and only then if it’s something really good that I’m absolutely dying to see, like the third Lord of the Rings or something.
  4. I like to play games, but don’t do it enough. I like card games and board games, like Yahtzee, Life, Flinch, Uno and Pinochle.
  5. I can get really addicted to Mario Kart on the Game Cube, but I don’t do that often enough either, because it makes the tenosynovitis in my hands flare up. I press on the accelerator button so hard that I get an “A” imprinted in my thumb when I play that game. My kids just laugh at me.
  6. If there’s an item without a price tag in the store, I’ll zero in on it and try to buy it, every time. If there’s an entire rack of all the same items, I will always pick up the only one without a price and then get hung up at the register waiting for the price check. I’m talented that way.
  7. I can hold my hand over the bin of grapefruit at the store, meditate a bit, and always pick out the most sour specimens on the first try (according to my husband, who only eats grapefruit when forced, and becomes the “dinner show” on grapefruit night with his comical pucker up faces).
  8. I prefer the telephone to email. Something to do with being an instant gratification girl, I think. With email, you have to wait for a response, and I’d rather just call and get the response right away.
  9. I’m basically an indoor girl. I don’t do outside things.
  10. I have a temperature comfort zone of about three degrees in my house, which is really hard to maintain without central heat and air (we’re stuck with radiators and windows here).
  11. My youngest daughter has just started a new school: an online private academy that she does here at home. Should be interesting after all these years of public/private traditional schools for both of my children.
  12. My very favorite beverage is a Cosmopolitan, which I have one of daily. It’s only really good if I make it myself, so it’s an at-home thing only.
  13. I LOVE to drive. Fast. And in a spirited, yet defensive, way. Driving a car is sometimes the only thing that makes leaving the house worthwhile, which is why I don’t do public transportation. Even when I had a rather dumpy little Hyundai, I still loved to drive. After that I had SUV’s for six years, and now it’s the Mustang, so it’s even more fun!

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8 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. A very nice list and a nice start to Thursday Thirteen. Your comments on the grapefruits and getting hung up on the register made me laugh because I have the same bad luck. My husband always asks how is that there is a 50% chance of getting it right but that I always manage to get it wrong? LOL!

    Good luck on your entry in the quilting contest. I admire talent like that. I have absolutely none when it comes to sewing.


  2. I don’t watch tv either! I have found that it sometimes makes it hard for office small talk though – I never know what the trendy shows are or what happened last night… I’ll see the occasional movie, but even that is rare since I don’t watch tv I usually don’t know what movies are out. hehehehe!

    Happy TT!


  3. Gabriella, thanks for the lucky wishes!

    Danielle, I only wish it was a complete lack of television; my family still insists on having it on, which must be why I don’t spend too much time in the living room!

    Naeva–you just have to go visit New Zealand!

    Miss Positive, TV just doesn’t do it for me, since I can always think of at least a half dozen things I’d rather do instead! Each to his own though!

    Nicole, I’ve had that problem with the small talk as well. Usually the best I can do is a vague look when the conversation turns to the latest shows. Doesn’t bother me though!

    Thanks all for stopping by to my first TT!


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