Quilting in my dreams

Really, that seems like the only place I’ve been quilting, for the last week or so, except for Saturday night! I’ve been working a lot on web pages for clients, with no time for fun. 😦 But, in the relatively small bit of quilting time that I did have on Saturday, I packed in some true constructive-ness and problem solving. Remember the UFO Birthday party that wasn’t a party because I needed help with the quilting designs? Well, after a couple of months to stew about it (well, three and a half months, actually), I finally decided that I would do the grid after all, but use silk thread for that and the stippling around the plates. The difference is amazing! Check this out:

Grid with cotton thread:

Dresden Plate grid with cotton

Grid with #100 silk thread:

Dresden Plate grid with silk thread

Click on the pics to see them bigger!

Now you see the dimension, but it doesn’t have that “thready” look to it since the silk just blends with the fabric so well and it’s much finer than the cotton. Soooo much better! It’s still going to take forever to quilt the grids and stippling, but at least it will look good. The only other problem (and it’s a bit of a biggee): I realized while I was looking it over deciding what to do that some of the burgundy dye has bled through to the back where I’ve misted the quilt with water after quilting to partially remove the blue marker. GRRRR! Yes, the fabric was prewashed (I always do), but it was a VIP fabric from, um, 12 years or so ago, and I’m told that VIP fabrics are the cheapo stuff. Ugh. Didn’t know that when I bought it of course. So here I’ve spent all this time hand appliquéing these Dresden Plate blocks and sewing and quilting, only to have the dyes run. Well, no more misting with water, I’ll just dunk it in the washer when finished with Synthrapol and hope for the best.

4 thoughts on “Quilting in my dreams

  1. Nadine, You do such beautiful work! You’re really an inspiration. I actually started teaching machine quilting (longarm). It went surprisingly well. I enjoyed it.


  2. Thanks for sharing. That’s a fascinating comparison. I also do a lot of quilting for myself and I’ve noticed how nylon/invisible thread pulls the fabric more sharply-even more than cotton.

    Love the silk picture. You did a very nice job quilting on both.


  3. Vivian, thank you! I did see on your blog that you’re teaching, and it’s wonderful! Sharing your art can keep you energized and inspired.


  4. Hi Julie,
    I did quilt with invisible thread years ago, but I’d forgotten how different the quilting can look with such a fine thread. The difference is amazing, isn’t it??


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