Not quilting, just playing musical rooms!

Not much quilting going on here, but lots of activity. We decided that we should move a few rooms around in the house, so that the girls would have a little more privacy and separation from each other. Their “rooms” were on the top floor of the house, and while the space is sort of divided into two areas, there’s no door in between them. There’s a hallway with a bathroom, but no doors except for the door that leads to the whole set of rooms. This setup was okay when the girls were 8 and 3 years old, but now they’re 15 and 10 and it really no longer works.

So, GuitarGirl (that would be DD#1, now 15 years old) moved into my office/studio, and LittleOne (DD#2, 10) moved into GuitarGirl’s old room, since it’s cooler in the summer. So far so good. Now, the biggest part of the problem (notice I said “biggest” not “only”) is that the only other room in the house that’s available to house all of my own activities is the basement, where ITMan hangs out. It’s not big enough to handle all of my machines, tables, shelves, and cabinets, not to mention my fabrics and the computer, AND all of his stuff that’s already there and has to stay. We’ve made do, and neither one of us is completely happy with the result, but sometimes you just have to live with it. Items that aren’t used frequently are going to live in LittleOne’s old room (three floors up!), my bookshelf is in the hallway outside the basement door, and I had to leave one closet/cabinet in GuitarGirl’s room as well. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get though the rubble that is her room to reach it when necessary!

On the upside (there is one, though it’s pretty small), it was nice to sort through some of my own rubble, and only put what’s truly needed within reach down here in the basement. We’re still sorting and moving, too, and will be for a couple of weeks. GuitarGirl’s room is the worst, which seems to be de rigeur for teens. There’s just junk everywhere, and as of now, five days into the move, it’s still only 2/3 cleared out. I asked my mother if mine was “that bad” when I was that age, and unfortunately she replied with an emphatic “YES!” LittleOne is just grossed out and disgusted by GuitarGirl’s room, an attitude that I’m encouraging in hopes of a cleaner room when she’s that age.

Yesterday I did some embroidery for the Feathered Star quilt with the birds, and will do some more today. I’d like to think I could get this done before the deadline for entries for the Houston show, but I’m not sure it’s going to happen. I also need to decide whether to enter the New Quilts from an Old Favorite contest this year. The theme block is Sawtooth, but I haven’t had any glorious ideas pop into my head yet. Today’s a good day for very little physical activity (the back doth protest mightily this morning!), so maybe some design work on EQ would be in order. What’s on your agenda??

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