Quilting Good Times

Today I had a wonderful visit with Kristin La Flamme, to shop, do lunch, and quilt! What a lovely day we had, getting to know each other, sharing opinions and stories, and machine quilting in the afternoon. Despite the fact that we are near to complete quilting opposites (well, except for the fact that we both collect fabric and thread and “stuff” to an incredible degree, anyway!), we have a whole host of things in common, and we definintely didn’t suffer from a lack of conversational material.

Kristin brought a few quilts to share, so I got to paw all over them. Seeing her quilts up close and personal was a treat, since sometimes the small details that mean so much are lost in pictures on websites. Of all the quilts she brought, Am Rand von Omas Weizenfeld, Traumwald and Hansel und Gretel were my favorites. You can see all three of these quilts (and more) in the Gallery on her website. I think what I like most about her quilts is the little touches of embroidery and after-quilting embellishments she adds. Love it, love it, love it!

I was saying to Kristin that she’s a much better blogger than I am, especially in the picture-taking department. Everybody likes pics, and I’m terrible at that part, especially when it comes to anything but quilty stuff. She took a picture of me quilting for her blog, “to prove she was really here” she said, but could I have thought to get my own camera out?? Are you kidding? In my own defense, I did say that we could have ITMan take a picture of us together, but then he was busy staying out of our way for the afternoon, and I didn’t remember to grab him before he left to take GuitarGirl to her lesson, so the picture never happened. So, no pics of Kristin on my blog :(, but one of me on hers maybe!

So, here’s to new quilting friends and quilting good times. We definitely must get together again soon!

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  1. OK, I’ve written my half of the day now. Thanks again — I had a great time. And congratulations again on your honorable mention with Material Marquetry.


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