Thursday Thirteen #3

Okay, yeah, it’s been awhile since I did a Thursday Thirteen, but hey, this one just had to be said:

Thirteen Things to love about the Bernina 440
(in no particular order)

  1. The CFL (Cool Fluorescent Light) that is three sided and wraps around the foot for fewer shadows on your work. No more extra lights all over the table in my way!
  2. Three (really!) thread cutters, one on the machine head, one on the bobbin winder and one in the bobbin case area. Do we really need thread snips any longer?
  3. The separate bobbin winding motor. Fast, easy, and usable during embroidery.
  4. The #24 free motion quilting foot. Neat and trim, with and offset shank and an open toe for better visibility.
  5. The magnifier attachments. Three separate pieces with different mag levels, and you can even use them without attaching to the machine. Yeah, sometimes my eyes are tired (or is it just age?).
  6. Built-in vertical spool holder. No more digging in a messy attachment box trying to find it.
  7. Buit-in needle threader. It works much better than what the older models had, and better than what some other machines have now. Thread goes in the first time, every time.
  8. The embroidery module. Waaaay better than what I had before, super easy to use, and virtually dummy-proof.
  9. The knee lifter. Lift the presser foot with your knee and keep both hands on your work.
  10. Infinitely adjustable motor speed. Not just a “half speed” setting, but a truly adjustable motor with a slider control. You can adjust the motor speed for different thread types during embroidery to minimize breakage, or use it to control the speed during machine quilting.
  11. The foot control. Very sensitive, with the “tap of the heel” function to bring the needle up or down, and I love the cord storage on the bottom. Very neat.
  12. The accessory box! Silly, but this is almost my favorite feature! Customizable storage for all the feet, bobbins, needles, etc. that you need near your machine while you work. No more digging through a cluttered box attached to a machine bed for whatever you need that’s always on the bottom. Add more shelves for bobbins or feet as needed.

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2 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #3

  1. What beautiful work! I think quilting and knitting are the two crafts I’ve never attempted! I love the preceding post and the one that “stumped” you. Hope you’re getting along fine!


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