It’s a wonder any work gets done around here!

If this little boy cat had his way, nothing would! Here he is on the shelf above my computer, bugging me while I’m trying to work:

Shadow helping at the computer

And between Shadow and ITMan with his laptop, machine quilting is even more challenging! I’m trying to quilt this really old UFO, and it’s really big, so I need lots of room. Shadow just decided to make himself at home on the part of the quilt that wasn’t moving.

Shadow helping me quilt

Such helpful males I have around here!

4 thoughts on “It’s a wonder any work gets done around here!

  1. I keep looking at Shadow trying to determine what type of kitty he is. His spots and stripes are simply beautiful! You have one handsome little boy helping you quilt.


  2. I really got a kick out of Shadow leaning over the shelf and looking at you upside down. What a silly boy! But completely cat-like.


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