We went to Ikea and came home with an English antique

English antiqueThe only thing that makes a Saturday morning visit to Ikea slightly more inviting than something like oral surgery is the lack of a strictly soft diet for a week afterward, but it is indeed a near thing. Saturday morning at the local Ikea is the stuff of nightmares: no place to park that isn’t in the back 40, kids running everywhere with oblivious parents, people milling around dazed looking and paying no attention to anything that might be in the path of their cart, and then there’s the pushy people: after I’d been patiently waiting for my turn at the “find the bin that your get it yourself furniture is stocked in” touch screen while the guy in front of me was using it as a catalog (after I’d already been through the parking lot madness, and narrowly missed being broadsided by carts and flying kids just to get that far), then this pushy woman thinks she’s going to dive in front of me at the terminal. Elbows at the ready, I saw her coming and held my ground. I thought my head would explode before we could get what we wanted and escape the insanity, computer desk in hand.

English deskAfter starting the weekend off like that, it can only get better, right? Off home for lunch, then pack the family into the “not exactly a family vehicle” Mustang for a trip to the PX. Now, lately I’ve started my visits to this hallowed hall of military shopping with a stop at the tapestry shop which recently started carrying antique furniture, which sometimes makes the whole trip worthy of the time it takes and the frustration of shopping at Aafes in general. Before I could ever get as far as the tapestry shop on Saturday though, I was distracted by a new vendor in the mall: an antiques vendor no less. Hee hee, now we’re talking. They were only just unloading a (large) truck full of furniture, and already the buyers were circling.

We did our other shopping inside the PX, and stopped back in to circle the antiques shop some more before we quit for home. And there, sitting off to the side, was this wonderful little desk on wheels with two drawers and drop leaves on each side. No less than three other people looked at this beauty while I chatted up the owner and the sales person, and hemmed and hawed over whether to take it home. They knocked a bit off of the “original” price, and I was sold.

English desk

Sure, it’s probably a bit of overkill for a laptop, especially with the surrounding decor, not to mention harder on the checkbook than the cheapo Ikea solution, but it’s also infinitely classier and I can see lots of other things to do with this piece in future incarnations of our house. It’ll fit just about anywhere (in a decent sized house anyway), work in lots of different rooms, with one chair as a desk or two as a game table, or in any number of other ways and places. I already have a couple of side chairs that will be perfect with it when it’s done doing laptop duty. What’s not to love?? Unfortunately, this really is absolutely the last thing bigger than a bread box that I can buy unless I start knocking down walls, and as I said, I don’t think the landlord will go for that. 😦 And the Ikea desk? Still in the box in the storage room, waiting for a move to a bigger house, where we’ll probably need it anyway. ITMan was glad he skated out of putting it together, albeit temporarily!