Movies, but no popcorn

I was supposed to be packing the car right about now to head for the Carrefour European du Patchwork in the Val d’Argent to soak up endless inspiration and hunt for unique fabric and quilty stuff. Instead, I’m sitting here SICK with the flu!! UGH! Sometimes life is just not fair. Yeah, I could have gone anyway I suppose, but I didn’t figure I’d enjoy it much, what with a strange bed, strange food and not much rest.

So while my friends are enjoying the quilts and shopping, I’ll be on the couch with hot tea, Tylenol, tissues and DVD’s to distract my mind from the condition of my head and body. Honestly, I haven’t been sick enough to stay on the couch for days at a time in about five years so I guess it was my turn, though I could wish fate had chosen a better week! Yesterday I caught up on some of the movies that we’ve purchased lately but I haven’t watched: Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (eh, definitely not as great as the first), The Devil Wears Prada (very cute), Just Like Heaven (cute-ish), Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (interesting but very strange), and Memoirs of a Geisha (pretty good, and might prompt me to read the book).

Probably all of them but Pirates will find a place in the “too be watched again” category. (As an aside, when is another series like Lord of the Rings going to come around? Those were great movies, arguably my favorite ever, with huge “watch it again” appeal. Even the good movies since then are somewhat pale by comparison.) I like to watch movies while I machine quilt or do bindings, but can’t watch movies I’ve never seen before or I don’t get anything done since I end up paying too much attention to the movie. If I’ve seen it before, I can just listen and look up at the important parts!

Today I’ll scour the house for more movies, but maybe by tomorrow I can get back to quilting, or work which is piling up a bit as well. Since I was supposed to be gone to the quilt show, I’m not feeling too bad about the work part. The worst part: I’ll probably feel better just in time to take care of ITMan and the kids while they’re sick. 😦 I see a trip to the PX for more movies coming on…